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Lack of judgement

So I thought I had a good friend, he was a member on this very site, he even had a fan club. But interestingly enough I also knew him in real life, infact I met him at work. I also knew his wife. Whom he cheated on. As soon as their relationship broke up I lost all contact with him. It was almost as if he had broken up with his friends too. He even left work. The crazy thing is, even though I know he was in the wrong by cheating, im not mad at him, I don't judge him. I just miss him.  I wish he would get in touch.

Flat on my back

I decided today to go back to my old volunteering job as I didn't get the job in the hospital. Im not shocked. The day started with a cuppa and a ciggie. Also with a long walk up an excruciatingly steep hill, the ciggie was a bad idea. When I finally arrived at work slightly red faced and more than a little out of breath I got to meet my new boss. She is amazing, kind, caring, humble, thoughtful, motivated, hardworking. Cow. I really didn't want to like her. Due to the fact that she is now getting paid for doing the job that I was doing for 12months free of charge. But its impossible to dislike her. I just know that we are going to be friends. Not the kind of friends who go out and get shitfaced then kiss at 3am but ill at least send her a Christmas card for the next 20 odd years.  So there I am, at work, seething quietly to myself about the fact that I have nothing to seethe about and It happens. Again. For the third time in as many months I am enveloped by an avalanche of clothing (first time in my bedroom, second time in Debenhams, I am banned)  it turns out that pulling that scarf out from the bottom of the pile because it matches the coat on the display stand is not a good idea. The long and short of it is that my boss came in and saved me, hauling me out (gently) by the arms. She even made me a cup of tea after. Cow. So now I am at home on the floor, flat on my back trying to stop the dull ache that my work time escapades have created. Himself is going to have to carry me to bed, or at least bring me a blanket.  Can someone pass the ibuleve???

Male, Female, Other

I thought that since my lil girl is not quite so lil anymore that it was about time i started to look for work. Well a little birdy told me about a job at one of the local hospitals, its not one job specifically, its actually going on the bank of staff which means that i would be floating support for the whole hospital. Brill as a starter job, something to get my foot in the door; perfect for flexibility surrounding school holidays. To tell you the truth even the pay is pretty good, i know it is considered incredibly bad form to speak of money but i never was one for sticking to the rules. I would be earning more than himself, we could afford a car, we could get a mortgage, we could go abroad.
We could do all of those things its true, all of those things and more. However.
The application form arrived a day after i sent for it, arent they eager beavers?
I opened it with feelings of trepidation mingled with excitement, my first application form (ive always worked for family or as a volunteer before now)
Carefully i opened it out read the destructions and found a nice black ballpoint pen and of course some scrap paper. Cant afford to make any mistakes can i?
Soooooo questions are all pretty standard, name, qualifications, references and such like. Then we come to a big box all on its own, singled out and feeling quite sorry for itself. Gender. Male.... Female..... then another box. Other..... What in the name of all that is holy and good is that all about? I mean if you dont know which you are then take yourself off to the loo and have a check. If you still dont know then please get yourself home before you hurt yourself.
I obviously ticked the female box, but i have to admit for just a moment there i was sorely tempted to tick other. If for no other reason than to see what the reaction would be. And who knows, if i had ticked that box they might get me in just to have a good look at me.
I send the application in tomorrow, ill let you know how it goes, im not optimistic.

gaming gran

Had a visit from my lovely nan today, she is my best friend and we spend a load of time together so this is nothing unusual. What is unusual is that she chose today to ask if she could have a go on my xbox. So i put skyrim on, thinking that she could just run around and speak to people in one of the towns. Have to say that she spent three quarters of an hour walking into walls and trying to break into peoples houses. I spent three quarters of an hour howling with laughter. She had so much fun that we have scheduled another gaming session for next week, at 76 i dont think she could get anymore cool is she tried. Big up the nan!!!

Taxi for one please

Soooooo, ice an inch thick outside my front door. What are you complaining about? i hear you say. Well. I live at the top of a huge hill and i have to walk up and down it to get my daughter to and from school. Causing problems not only for me but also for drivers. This is due mainly to them gawping at the goth girl walking along like bambi, mainly in the gutter which seems to have less ice than the footpath. I do not allow my daughter to walk in the road just for the record! So ive risked life and limb once today already, i figure i deserve a break this afternoon. Ive ordered a taxi for a car journey which takes literally less than five minutes. Erm. Yeah. Dont judge. Im still walking back up the hill. Anyway, wish me luck.

Gym bunny

Today i went to the gym with my grandmother and very good friend, which may sound strange. It would be if my grandmother was of the normal garden variety, she is not. She once showed up to my school with her hair dyed purple, she was one of the chaperones for a school trip. Anyway i digress. It cost a little over a fiver for me to get in, it was mixed, so that means loads of men watching you sweat like a pig, and i spent a lot of my time trying to ensure that my nan diddnt fall off the treadmill. Not that she is in any way uncapable, its just that any kind of new technology scares her at first. Being a new gym all of the equipment is state of the art so before you use any of them you first have to tell them your weight, height, age and what loo roll you use. In short it took myself and my friend roughly fifteen minutes to help her set up her machine, then she spent five minutes walking on it before getting off and declaring that it was awful and she wouldnt be using it again. Typical. In all she burnt off a grand total of 24 calories. I may go back on my own next week.

loss of circulation

Today was a fun day, woke up at seven after approximately three hours sleep and took my daughter to school. I then climbed a massive hill wearing the most ridiculously heavy boots (which by the way i had done up so tightly that i almost cut of my circulation) and spent all day volunteering at my local christian charity. I will admit i was exhausted for most of the day but i got to spend it with an amazing group of oddballs. Each of us has joined said charity for different reasons, but it takes the same urge to give something back, to want to help. And i truly believe that we do help, even if it just means giving someone a warm jacket, or a pair of shoes, or a bed or sofa. It is all none paid work, and believe me it is hard graft but despite this no one complains. Everyone gets on with it and i feel proud to be a part of it all. Its something that i can honestly say makes me a better person, we could all do with a little bit more of that in our lives.

Showering in my clothes

Omg wet wet wet, im soaked to the bone. I only wish it was in a sexual way, unfortunately i just got caught in the rain whilst picking my daughter up from school. My boots are ruined, suede and water do not mix. So now im in the process of getting changed and what do i see? A huge spider in the corner of my room. So now im crouched on the bed in my underwear clutching a slipper trying to decide if i should run and risk losing it in here, or attack and try to eliminate the problem. Only thing is i can see it looking at me, yes it really is that big. Did i mention that i also really really need the bathroom. Looks like im going to have to make a run for it. Please distract him for me, im too young to die.

carpet burns

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To nap or not to nap

Soooo, the hangover is finally gone, and im back to decorating my living room. So far i have one door left, one wall of skirting board and the whole corner behind the telly. Im loathe to move it really as it means i will be painting in silence. In retrospect i probably should have done that corner first, what with it being best to get the worst bit out of the way first.But what with still being in shock about the cost of the bloody paint i wasn't really thinking when i started the room. Really the only reason im not finished with it yet is because ive been lazy. Instead of hurrying through like i usually do with things, ive taken my time. Infact, im still taking my time. Luckily im not on any kind of time limit, and himself is perfectly happy aslong as he has his chair to sit in while he watches the fall guy. So, i think i may go and have a little nap this afternoon. Im figuring that ive earned it, and if that excuse isnt good enough then im blaming the paint fumes.

diet coke and toast

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